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Minor Surgery

Dr Hewa Vitarana is the Moxley Medical Centre Practice lead for Minor Surgery and undertakes a Surgery clinic and Joint Injection weekly. He also offers services for patients registered with Moxley Medical Centre and patients referred by other General Practitioners. He has several years of surgical training before entering General Practice and performing Minor Surgery in the General Practice.

Before your procedure:

On the day of your operation, wash as usual and ensure the area to be operated on is thoroughly cleaned. Hair removal is not necessary prior to the operation and will be done by Dr Vitarana if required at the time and with your consent.
Try to relax – most operations have minimal pain and only take a few minutes. You should avoid drinking alcohol on the day of your operation and for 48hrs afterwards.

What to expect when you arrive for your Minor Surgery:

Before your procedure, Dr Vitarana will explain precisely what is being done and why and give you the opportunity to ask any questions. He will also explain what scarring you might expect. You will be asked to sign a consent form for the procedure should you still wish to proceed. You can
decline to have the operation at any time.

After your operation:

You will be given the appropriate after-care advice regarding any dressings or stitches on the day of your operation. You will be able to walk or drive home afterwards and can usually return to work the same day. It is not generally necessary to take painkillers, but you may want to have some available to take afterwards should you so wish. For removal of sutures, please book with your Surgery Nurse or Health Care Assistant.


We regularly review and audit our Minor Surgery outcomes. We do this to quality check our results and to help identify any potential problems.